Our Services

My specialist area of business is to supply independent unbiased surveys and reports to home owners, residential and commercial property managers for the following:

• Damp proofing,
• Condensation control,
• Below ground waterproofing (basement and cellar conversion),
• Timber preservation, Dry and Wet rot control.
• Wall tie surveys.
• Masonry stabilisation helical bar repairs.
• Fungal decay: Wet and Dry Rot
• Flood restoration and remediation

We are not a contracting company, we are completely unbiased. A contracting company inevitably requires work to sustain their business – we do not. We charge reasonable fees for thorough survey reports in plain English, carried out by a fully trained and experienced surveyor; we are fully insured and have a wealth of experience in the preservation and restoration of both old and historic property and more modern 20th century buildings.

We also design water management systems for new build construction, underground houses, basement construction, and property at risk of flooding.

There are many reputable contracting companies who are proficient in providing the contractor expertise to carry out necessary remedial work, however, hundreds and thousands of pounds are spent on work such as damp proofing and chemical treatment that is completely unnecessary. This is often due to misdiagnosis of the problem or a lack of understanding regarding the nature, construction and design of buildings, many of which have unique features, occupation of the property and lifestyle issues are also relevant.

Chemical treatments can be the solution to some damp and timber problems, however this is not always the case and care must be taken to evaluate the building’s problems and all possible solutions before investing money in work which can, under some circumstances be unnecessary.

I have helped many home owners save hundreds of pounds by identifying accurately the cause of their problem.