Damp and timber condition reports

These fees should be considered as general guidance only. I will provide a firm quotation once I have had an opportunity of discussing your specific requirements.

My company is based in Bristol, however I cover a wide geographical area quotations will include travelling costs where applicable.

Damp condition reports

A damp survey includes an assessment of the property to establish the risks associated with penetrating damp as a result of external building defects, rising damp, dampness and mould issues due to excess humidity and condensation. Where appropriate we may recommend plaster analysis and other tests which provide helpful diagnostic information.

Condensation is the most common cause of dampness in residential property in the United Kingdom which often leads to mould problems.  I specialise in condensation risk assessments providing advice and information to better manage atmospheric moisture and reduce risks associated with this form of dampness.

Timber condition reports

A timber condition report is an inspection of accessible structural roofing and flooring timbers for Dry Rot, Wet Rot, and Active Wood Boring Beetle Infestation (woodworm).

Sub-floor ventilation beneath timber suspended floors is very important in order to protect timbers from rot and decay which increases risks associated with fungal decay and wood boring beetle activity. Good sub floor ventilation also helps to keep the lower walls dry. Checks are made to establish whether the sub floor ventilation beneath timber suspended floors at ground floor level is adequate, sub floor inspection should be undertaken where possible depending on the presence of floor coverings and whether floorboards can be lifted without causing damage.

My reports include information regarding appropriate remedial action where necessary depending on circumstances and the age and  nature of the construction. The use of suitable appropriate materials targeted to specific areas is particularly important in older property.

I can also provide advice in respect of  insulation to walls and roof areas and property ventilation generally. Its important older buildings built with solid walls can absorb and evaporate moisture naturally (vapour permeable).

Damp and timber condition reports for a small average sized 2/3 bedroom residential property within a 5 mile radius of central Bristol start from £395.00-495.00 inclusive, there are discounts for combined timber and damp condition reports.

Firm quotations will always be provided in writing once the scope of the survey has been established.

Bespoke quotations will be given for basement and new build waterproofing designs in accordance with BS8102 (2009).

Quotations can also be provided for industrial and commercial properties, dispute resolution, testing and analysis.

Experience has taught me that a written report isn’t always required by home owners, verbal advice and guidance can be provided without the cost of a full report, a quotation will be provided for this service on request.

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